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  • Put your food in the tin (e.g. 70 gr. of rice 160 gr. of water or 2 scrambled eggs or vegetables cut very small pieces, etc.).


    As a general rule, cut the food into small pieces and put a minimum of water.


    Insert the tin into the jar and close the lid.


    Place the wire mesch base in the centre of the reflector (folded according to the diagram) and place the jar on top.


    On a full sunny day, cooking takes 1 to 2 hours (2 hours for rice).


    With haizy sun, the performance is poor.

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  • Place the oven in front of the Sun and reorient it periodically to follow the sun.


    The front reflector must be adjusted to the height of the Sun (upwards around noon and pratically horizontal in the morning, afternoon or in winter).



    warning The shadow must always be under the front reflector.


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21.10.2009 : Buttet Jean
Les fours solaires, ça fonctionne ! A la suggestion de Marie-Anne Lüthi, enseignante au collège du Chauchy à St-Prex, nous avons consacré quelques heures à faire découvrir aux enfants la différence entre énergies fossiles et énergies renouvelables, en particulier l'énergie solaire. ...Lire la suite