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Portable solar cooker

Note (?)
Difficulté (?)
Durée (?)2h 30 min.
Coût (?)~10 CHF
Languefrançais deutsch english
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This DIYs project is a good way to discover the power of the Sun, and the use of a renewable energy to cook without polluting or increasing deforestation.


The portable solar cooker uses 3 principles: the greenhouse effect, the concentration of light with reflective panels and the ability of black colour to absorb infrared radiations. The same principles are used in solar thermal collectors.


This model is characterized by its ease of construction and low cost. It is inspired by similar models (cookit) developed for the third world and tested in refugee camps. Our model avoids steam from condensating in the jar as it could reduce the greenhouse effect.

21.10.2009 : Buttet Jean
Les fours solaires, ça fonctionne ! A la suggestion de Marie-Anne Lüthi, enseignante au collège du Chauchy à St-Prex, nous avons consacré quelques heures à faire découvrir aux enfants la différence entre énergies fossiles et énergies renouvelables, en particulier l'énergie solaire. ...Lire la suite




Paint the bottom and sides of the tin with a high temperature black paint spray .   ...
Put a rubber band around the tin, just below its top edge (to use as a joint).   Ins ...
Make a hole in the gasket with a punch (or awl).   This hole should allow the steam ...
Report the diagram on a cardboard.   Cut out the shape using a box cutter or a pair ...
Coat the cardboard with wallpaper glue or white glue.   Cover it with an aluminium f ...
Cover the folding parts on the cardboard side with self-adhesive fabric tape.   Atta ...
The reflector can be folded in three to carry around.
Using pliers, cut the wire mesh to form a ribbon of about 28 cm long and 3 cm high.   ...