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Vertical axis wind turbine

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Difficulté (?)
Durée (?)2h 0 min.
Coût (?)~15 CHF
Languefrançais deutsch english
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Building this DIYs project helps to understand how wind turbines work and generally how to transform a mechanical movement into electricity. This principle can be found in devices we use every day (bicycle dynamo, car alternator, etc.). The same principle is also used by most of our electricity power stations.

Why not visit real wind turbines after building this DIYs project ?




Report the elements and the location of the holes on the cardboard or the transparent sheet fo ...
Remove the screws of a large electric connector and push outside the metal part with a screwdriv ...
Remove the tip of the dynamo with the help of a box cutter and pliers.
Drill the cork lengthwise with an M5 bit. Align the holes of each tab of the propeller in the ...
Pass the long screw from the front through the 4 tab holes, the cork and finally the back hole ...
Drill an M4 hole at 1 cm from the top of the long slat. Secure the dynamo to the slat with a sc ...
drill a hole in the plastic tube.
Bend the legs of the LED and screw them into the pair of electrical connectors.
Strip the ends of two fine 15 cm eletric wires. Connect them on the other side of the pair of ...
Finish by screwing the tube firmly to the long slat.   Connect the crocodile clip t ...