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Pet-Star water rocket car

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Difficulté (?)
Durée (?)10h 0 min.
Coût (?)~10 CHF
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The Pet Star water rocket car is an environmental friendly vehicle.


A Pet bottle is used to stock air and water. The air is pressurised with a bicycle pump . The water is expelled because of this great pressure and pushes the car forward (action<>reaction principle).


This DIYs project helps to understand the abstract notion of energy efficiency. The more the system is cleverly designed and the further the car will travel (with the same amount of energy).


Another interesting point of this DIYs project is the ability to stock in a bottle the body energy of the "pumper".


There are many possible designs. The model we publish can be freely modified and surely improved. 


Pet Star is also a competition organized by the Do-It-Werkstatt. Schools competed by building models of water rocket cars. The best model traveled a distance of 78 meters.


Feel free to visit the Do-It-Werkstatt site, and learn more about the current competition.







Wrap two pieces of galvenized fixing band around the bottle. Use the longest at the front (bot ...
Adjust the axes (metal rods) as shown on the picture. Screw axes on the metal bands as shown ...
Drill a hole in the centre of the jar lid, a little larger than the threaded rod.   ...
The building quality of the valve system is very important.   Heat the largest plas ...
Cut a piece of about 5 cm in length from a hollow threaded rod.   Drill a hole in t ...