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Solar electric motor

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Difficulté (?)
Durée (?)3h 0 min.
Coût (?)~18 CHF
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This project helps to understand how an electric motor works (how it is possible to create a movement with electricity). Many electrical appliances use this technique  (mixer, cd player, hair dryer, etc.).

By generating electricity from the Sun, this DIY shows that there are alternative energy sources to produce electricity which are renewable and environmentally friendly.

The use of photovoltaic cells to power electric motors is already used for cars or boats prototypes .

The "reed switch" used in this DIYs project replaces the traditional contact brushes as it reduces friction. With less friction, it is possible to run a very roughly made motor powered by the electricity coming from a small solar cell.

05.07.2012 : gdelac
En 2012 à Lutry, des élèves de 8e année ont réalisé le moteur solaire avec le soutien d'Info-Energie (Service de l'énergie du canton de Vaud). Ils ont créé un panneau d'information pour illustrer leur bricolage lors d'une exposition organisée à l'attention des autres élèves du collège ainsi que...Lire la suite
27.03.2009 : Buttet Jean
 Dans le cadre d'une journée paroissiale sur les "couleurs de l'avenir" nous avons proposé à des jeunes de 10 à 14 ans de construire un "moteur solaire" ou une lampe design économique. Cinq d'entre eux ont choisi le kit moteur solaire gracieusement mis à disposition par info-énergie (merci de tout...Lire la suite





Report the lines and the dots from the model on the wooden board (the model can be dowloaded i ...
Using a 4 mm bit, drill a hole in the wooden block (as shown on the drawing) .   ...
Pass a nut on a M4 x 70 bolt.   Pass the bolt through the block hole and fix it on t ...
Cover the bolt thread with insulating tape.   Wind around above 4 meters of copper w ...
Scrape both ends of the copper wire using sandpaper and remove the varnish which avoids electr ...
Place the element with the copper reel on the board (2 x 2 cm square indicated on the model). ...
To form the rotor, fix 2 magnets with contact cement on the second wood block.   Pla ...
Fix two nails through the connectors and hammer them down in the center of the side of the rot ...
Using pliers, very carefully bend the legs of the reed switch to create a bridge with a distan ...
Connect the other end of copper reel wire with another 15 cm electrical wire, using an electri ...
With a hammer and a hard tool, slightly mash the piano hinge so that it remains in position when ...
Adjust the screw head of the copper reel as close as possible of the magnets, but without touc ...