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Solar thermal concentrator

Note (?)
Difficulté (?)
Durée (?)2h 30 min.
Coût (?)~15 CHF
Languefrançais deutsch english
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This DIYs project shows how it is possible reach high temperatures by concentrating the sun's rays.

This technique is already used in experimental thermal power plants in California and France. These plants concentrate the sun's rays in a single point with a field of mirrors. Like in most power plants, water is then boiled and can, after powering a turbine, generate electricity.






Pass a M5x20 screw through the top hole of the hinge and fasten it securely using two nuts.
Using contact cement/glue, fix the parabolic mirror in the center of the hinge.
Fix together two small slats of wood with two nails to form a T shape.
Drill a hole at 11.5 cm from the top of the longest slat. Fix the bracket to it with two 3.5 x ...
Report the model of sunglasses on cardboard (according to the model downloadable from the blue ...
Cut out the mirror cover from thick cardboard (model downloadable in the blueprints/plans sect ...
Pass a bolt through the hinge and then through the cardboard mirror cover. Screw a wingnut the ...
Paint the outside of the truffle cup with high temperature black paint.
Fix an M4x25 bolt vertically in the curtain rod usigng two washers and a wingnut (see illustra ...