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About us

The Do-it-yoursciences platform is a project of Juvene and l'Espace des inventions. These foundations are supported by the EPFL and aim to promote sciences and technical matters to the younger generations.

The Juvene Foundation supports the action of the younger generations in favour of the environment through the use of NICT (New information and communication technologies).

L'Espace des Inventions in Lausanne is a museum dedicated to Science and kids. The museum has developed many Science projects for its Club des petits inventeurs (club of small inventors).

This project is supported by Info-Energie - the energy school information campaign of canton de Vaud
and the SIG (Services Industriels de Genève)

Development Team
Juvene, pilote du projet:
Martin Reeve : Project leader, design
Mathias Krebs : IT programming

Espace des inventions
Emmanuelle Giacometti : Concept and support.

Thanks to the Canton de Vaud - Division énergie for letting us publish their Bricos-Energie projects on the do-it-yourSciences platform.

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