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Electro-solar garage

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This project is a model of a car that runs on solar electricity, a renewable and non-polluting energy source. Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electricity and charge an electrical capacitor inside the car.

The photovoltaic cells are installed on the roof of a garage as they are unlikely to be placed directly on the car. Indeed, taking into account the efficiency of the best current cells, the roof surface of a car is not sufficient to provide enough electricity.

It is likely that some of the electricity produced by the solar photovoltaic cells will be sent back into the grid. The car will be recharged as needed, preferably at night when demand is low and power is cheap. In terms of the overall balance, the solar collectors will have produced a quantity of electricity equivalent to the energy needed by the car.

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With a cutter, cut a shape according to the model in the plastic board (forex).   Mark the 5 p ...
Drill the hole (A) with a 10mm bit.   With a punch make the other 4 holes ensuring that the ho ...
Surround the larger hole with hot glue and fit in the electric motor.    Insert the two 'feet' ...
Hot glue a plastic fitting to the centre of a wheel and slide it on the motor shaft.   Pass th ...
Strip the end of the red wire that is still free from the motor and connect it to a brad pin by ...
Using the glue gun, attach strands of wool to the hole in the bead and glue it to the capacitor. ...
Shorten a pin with a pair of wire cutters, leaving about 2mm.   Stick it in the bottom of the ...
Twist the two 'legs' of the brad pin so that one of them touches the capacitor 'leg' and the oth ...
Create a garage for the car using pieces of cardboard, glue, stickers, markers, staples, etc.
Bend the fixing cable to form an angled support.   Fix the photovoltaic cell on it with hot gl ...
Strip the ends of the two wires, one red and one black.   Connect them to the contacts of the ...

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