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Réalisation - Survival Kit

  • Etape 1

    Cut four 10cm long electrical wires, two blacks and two reds and strip the ends.


    Connect them to the photovoltaic cells.


    On the wires of the first cell add two cable tips.


    On the other one, attach a cable tip to the black wire (-) and a crocodile clip to the red wire (+)

  • Etape 2

    Cut two 20cm long wires, one red and the other one black and strip the ends.


    Connect crocodile clips two the 4 wire tips.

  • Etape 3

    Cut two 20cm long wires, one red and one black, and strip the ends.


    Attach the two wires to the poles of the motor/dynamo by twisting them around. Using crimping pliers, attach two cable tips to the other two ends of the wires.


    Put a little hot glue on the axis of the motor/dynamo to give it some 'grip'.

  • Etape 4

    Strip the end of the wires of the led bulb and battery case.


    Using crimping pliers, attach cable tips to all of them.

  • Etape 5

    Connect the black band side of the diode to a crocodile clip .

  • Etape 6

    Cut the tip of a spiked plastic spoon and insert it into the small bamboo tube.


    Insert a pencil lead at the other end. Fix with hot glue.

  • Etape 7

    With a pair of scissors, cut transversely an aluminum can at 3 cm from the bottom.


    Cover the sharp edge with insulating tape.


    With a pan scrubber polish the bottom of the can until it shines like a mirror.

  • Etape 8

    In the rest of the can cut all around a 1.5 cm wide strip.


    Cut this circle to form a long strip. Fold it in half.


    Follow the diagram opposite and form a whistle.


    Finally, lift the tab a little with a screwdriver or an awl to provide a passage for the air.

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