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How to use - Led lamp

  • Pass the lampshade over the bulb. Place it in the middle of the board, with the screw heads inside. Using 4 magnets, fix the paper against the screw heads to hold everything in place.


    In order for the electrical cable to be well wedged under the board, it is possible to fix it with a strong piece of cardboard, stapled on either side of the cable.


    {#lang_bricoWikiWarnings_warning} With the same electrical power (watts), the amount of light produced varies according to the efficiency of the different bulb technologies used. The unit to be taken into account is therefore no longer the watt (electrical power) but the lumen (light intensity). To have the same amount of light as an old 60W incandescent bulb, you need to buy an LED bulb that produces about 800 lumens.


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