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Vaccuum bottle

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This project goal is to build a simple and functional vaccum bottle ('thermos').


Instead of the 'air gap' used in commercial vaccuum bottles, this model uses various insulating materials. The insulation efficiency is reduced, but it can still keep a liquid cold or hot for several hours, demonstrating the principle and value of thermal insulation.


This activity is a good way to introduce the topic of thermal insulation in buildings. Children can see that these insulating materials are generally light with air 'trapped' in. They act as a 'barrier' against heat loss. Convection, conduction and radiation of heat can also be explained through this activity.

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Cut the 1.5 litre bottle in half, 17cm from its base.
Decorate the inside of the bottle with markers and shapes cut out of self-adhesive plastic sheets.
Wrap a sheet of aluminium foil around the glass bottle with the shiny side against the glass. Pr ...
Fill the base of the PET bottle with isolaiton at a height of about 3 cm.   Insert the glass b ...
Complete the insulation around the glass bottle up to about 1cm from its neck (if polystyrene be ...
Cut the 1 litre PET bottle in half at 11 cm from its bottom. Check that the cup fits into the PE ...
Blow the top to 'squeeze' the PET bottle on the cup.   Cover the edge of the bottle with thick ...

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