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eco-friendly plastic

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Difficulté (?)
Durée (?)0h 30 min.
Coût (?)~1 CHF
Languefrançais english
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It's been years that researchers are trying to find a natural and biodegradable alternatives to plastic as it  pollutes the soil and the oceans.

This do-it-yourself project aim is to create a synthetic material from milk and mold an eco-friendly lego brick.

The lego company is looking for an alternative to the plastic of its bricks, but for the moment no really functional solution has been found.

This project was developped for the magazine 'Campus Junior' of the University of Geneva.




Create a mould with lego bricks.
Heat one cup of whole milk. It should not be boiling.
Add a tablespoon of vinegar to the milk and stir.    Lumps will form right away!
Put some kitchen paper in the bottom of a colander.   Then pour the milk and its lumps on it.
Collect the lumps and squeeze out as much water as possible.   Also use paper towels to soak u ...
Place this dough in the mold and close it with an other Lego brick.
Wait about 24 hours before unmolding, then let the brick air dry for 3 to 4 days so it can harde ...