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A coins battery

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Duration (?)0h 20 min.
Cost (?)~1 CHF
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Here is a small project of a 'Volta' battery named after the Italian inventor Alessandro Volta.


The Swiss 5 ct coins are composed mainly of copper which is ideal for a chemical reaction in a battery.


The use of a led bulb makes it possible to produce a little light even with a very small electricity production.


This project was developped for the magazine 'Campus Junior' of the University of Geneva.

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Use one of the coins as a model and nine discs on the cardboard and nine others on the aluminum ...
clean the coins thorgouphly with vinegar and dry them.
Place the cardboard discs in a small bowl and cover them with vinegar. Let them soak for at leas ...
Pile up a coin, a cardboard disc, a foil disc, and then repeat this, always in the same order un ...
Surround the pile of discs with adhesive tape. The discs should be tightly packed together.
Slides one electrical wire on top of the battery, under the adhesive tape and the other undernea ...
Connect the two metal rods of the LED to the two wires. Your LED should light up.If nothing happ ...

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