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An elephant under pressure

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This amusing project imitates the movement a an elephant trunk.


In reality, the way an elephant trunk works is very complex and researchers are trying to understand its mechanism because it could be used, among other things, to improve robotic arms.


This project was developped for the magazine 'Campus Junior' of the University of Geneva.


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Cut a rectangle into the bag of about 5 cm × 20 cm keeping two welded sides.
Seal with adhesif the last large side to form a tube with a single opening
In the cardboard, draw and cut an elephant head.   Cut a hole of approx. 3 cm in diameter betw ...
Drill a large hole in the cap of the bottle.   Push the cap about 2 cm into the tube and fold ...
Pass the neck of the bottle through the hole of the elephant's head.   Screw the cap onto the ...
Roll up 2 to 3 cm of tube above the cap and fix it with adhesive tape.   Drill a large hole on ...

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