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Similar project using also an umbrella
proposé par martin
Interesting project. The author seems to indicate that he would like to use aluminium tape but he can't find some in the Canary Islands. He has used fairly rigid aluminium sheets that he had cut to size.

He doesn't use the handle to position his oven, but another system.

And above he puts his pot in a pyrex to create a greenhouse effect. This seems to be an excellent idea!

Solar cooking atlas
proposé par martin
A site on solar cooking proposing models of solar cookers and even recipes.

Pour approfondir le thème

List of solar thermal power stations in the World
proposé par martin
List of solar thermal power stations in Wikipedia.

A solar concentrator that melts the steel
proposé par martin
A video showing the incredible power of a solar parabolic discs, capable of melting steel in a few seconds!