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Solar popper

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Apart from photovoltaic cells, there is another way to produce electricity with the Sun. This technique uses the Sun to heat water or air in a closed tank. High temperatures are reached by using parabolic mirrors which concentrate the Sun's rays. The heat increases the volume of water or air in the tank creating pressure which is then released to operate a turbine linked to a generator.


This technique uses the same principle found in thermal or nuclear power plants but with the Sun, a clean and renewable energy (instead of coal, petrol or uranium).


This solar popper DIYs project uses the same principles and manages to boil water in a test tube and expel a plug. This demonstrates that it is possible to transform the heat of the Sun into motion.

15.10.2013 : Martin
  Les enfants du passeport-vacancese de Moudon ont réalisé en juillet 2013 de magnifiques saute-bonchons solaires. Heureusement qu'en d'ébut d'activité le soleil était de la partie, ce qui a permis de faire fonctionner avec succès le bricolage de démonstration. Très motivés, les enfants sont re...Lire la suite





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Once the glue of the two 'flowers' is dry, put them on top of each other and fix them toghether ...
Create a test tube holder. Wrap a wire around the tube and create a kind of hook at its base.
Pass an M6 bolt through a large washer, through the 'flower' on the mirror side and trough the w ...
Loosen the bolt in the center of the reflector. Slide the hook of the test-tube holder under the ...
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Attach the slat of wood and its reflector on the base with a bolt, three washers and a winged nut.
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