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How to use ? - Educated monkey

  • Parts to cut

  • Step 1

    Print and laminate all the monkey's parts (model to download in the "blueprints and plans" section). 


    Using scissors, cut out all the parts.


    Be careful to keep a little bit of white around the feet of the monkey (see image).

  • Holes and slots

  • Step 2

    With punch pliers, make holes where crosses are indicated (12 holes).

    Be careful to choose the right size hole. It should just fit the brads but not more.


    On the black rectangle: punch the big white hole with the largest size available on the punch pliers or cut with a box cutter. 


     At the bottom of the cardboard, cut a 12cm long and 3mm wide slot. 


  • Positioning the brads

  • Step 3

    Fasten all the parts together with brads without too much tightening them to let the elements move freely. 


    Two No1 together

    Two No2 together

    Three No3 (two holes and the slot) and the head of the chimpanzee on top together.

    Three No4 together

  • Step 4

    Attach the two feet of the chimpanzee to the slot of the cardboard by placing two washers behind the cardboard.


    Again, do not over tighten the brads too much to let it move easily.

  • Positioning the numbers

  • Step 5

    Using double-sided adhesive tape, glue the strip with numbers 2-12 under the cardboard's slot. The strip must be entered and positioned so that the chimpanzee feet do not touch the strip. 


     Position the "pyramid of numbers" in a way that the correct answer is shown in the large hole. To do this, position the feet brads above the selected two digits and move the pyramid paper until the correct answer appears in the hole above its hands. Test with several combinations of numbers. Keeping it in position, paste the pyramid with double-sided adhesive tape.

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