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Links&References - Savonius wind turbine

Similar projects or which inspired it

The Californian model (site in English)
proposed by martin
This DIY was largely inspired by the model proposed by the Pembina Institute. It is not certain whether they are 'the inventors'.
We've improved several points, including the use of a CD-ROM and the simplification of certain elements.
After we finished our project, we discovered many other models on the Internet (some are given below) :

Savonius wind turbine made with a tin
proposed by martin
This is an interesting model that replaces the PET bottle with a tin.

Three bladed model
proposed by martin
A different design, for an unusual model.

An another DIY wind generator based on large metal tins
proposed by martin
Another example (in French)

To know more about the theme

Video of a model built with barrels
proposed by martin
A much bigger model.

Operating principle of the dynamo
proposed by martin
Animation in German showing how a dynamo or an alternator works.

The Savonius wind turbine in Wikipedia
proposed by martin
All about the Savonius wind turbine in the famous open source encyclopaedia.