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How to use ? - Savonius wind turbine

  • Step 1

    Fold in two a 16x4cm cardboard to form a winding support.


    Wind about 25 cm of copper wire 300 time around it.


    Remove the support and wrap both sides of the reel with insulating tape.


    Form an oval as illustrated in next step.


    Proceed that way to form 4 reels.

  • Step 2

    Fix a screw at the centre of the MDF block.

    Stick on the MDF board the 4 reels with thermal glue following the locations specified on the model (model to download in the blueprints/plans section).


    Avertissement Follow the rotation directions !


  • Step 3

    With the flame of a candle, melt the varnish at the ends of the copper wires on about 2 to 3 centimetre.


    Remove soot which has formed using sandpaper.


    Connect all the wires according to the diagram, by twisting them together. The two front wires are not connected together but instead to a pair of electrical connectors.


    At the other end of the connectors fix a led


    Attach the pair of connectors to the front side of the MDF block with a small screw.


    Flatten the loose wires on the MDF board with strong transparent adhesive tape.

  • Step 4

    Following the downoadable model, report the 2 shapes forming the base and top of the propeller on a strong cardboard.


    Cut them out and punch their centres with an awl.

  • Step 5

    Cut a PET bottle in two lengthwise .


    warning Follow the manufacturing "sealing marks" to get two equal parts. .




  • Step 6

    With got glue attach the two half PET bottle in-between the two cardboard shapes as shown in the drawing.


    Avertissement Do not put the hot glue directly on the PET because it would melt. Put glue first on the cardboard.


  • Step 7

    Using hot glue attach the 4 magnets on the non-printed side of a CD-rom according to the diagram (downloadable).


    It is important to respect polarities.


    Test them with a weak magnet (The magnets should attract and repel alternately).


    Avertissement Neodym magnets attract each other very strongly. It is very important to fix them one after the other and remove any metal object from the work area.


  • Step 8

    Drill the centre of 18 cm long wood slat with an M4 bit.


    Glue and nail the two 34 cm wood slats on the short edges of the MDF board.


    Similarly, glue and nail the 18 cm long wood slat between the two upper parts of the "mounts".

  • Step 9

    With hot glue, attach the wood disk in the centre of the CD-ROM (the other side of the magnets).


    Pass the bamboo stick through the two cardboard of the propeller.


    Put some white glue into the hole in the wood disc and pass the stick through until its pointed tip comes just out the other side.


    Put some white glue on the wood disc and push the propeler down to glue its cardboard base on it.

  • Step 10

    Place the pointed tip of the propeller axis on the central screw.


    Check that the magnets under the CD-ROM pass close to the copper reels but without touching them.


    If needed, adjust the height of the screw.

  • Step 11

    With pliers, cut the top of the bamboo stick so that it passes about 1 cm under the top wood part of the frame.


    With hot glue, glue a straw on the top of the bamboo stick.


    Cut the straw so that it passes just below the top wood part.


    Place the pointed tip of propeller's central axis on the screw and check again that the magnets pass very close to the copper coils without touching them.


    Fix the top of the turbine axes by screwing an eye bolt from the top and in the straw.

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