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Solar boat

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Building a solar boat helps to understand how photovoltaic solar cells can be used to produce electricity.

Toy using solar cells represent often machines that do not exist or which are not logical. It is not uncommon indeed to find toys of helicopters or windmills powered by photovoltaic cells.

Unlike these examples, solar boats doe exist in real life. Even if this type of boat is still uncommon, on the lake of Geneva, the "Aquarel solar boats" can be hired. The large Swiss catamaran PlanetSolar completed in may 2012 a 60'000 km world tour, only with the help of solar energy.


After building this project, why not visit real solar boats and even organize a little solar boat cruise ?

14.07.2014 : Boerger
05.07.2012 : gdelac
En 2012 à Lutry, des élèves de 8e année ont réalisé le bricolage du bateau solaire avec le soutien d'Info-Energie (Service de l'énergie du canton de Vaud). Ils ont créé un panneau d'information pour illustrer leur bricolage lors d'une exposition organisée à l'attention des autres élèves du collèg...Lire la suite





Bend the ends ot the 14 cm long perforated metal strip so that they are not sharp.   ...
According to the diagram (to download from the blueprints/plan section) report the marks on th ...
Cut two perforated metal strips of about 35 cm.   Fold the four ends and flatten the ...
Center the metal strips on the board and pass screws through the holes. Screw nuts the o ...
surround the bottles with plastic cable ties passing through the holes of the perforated metal s ...
Tighten well and then cut the exceeding part of the cable ties with scissors or clamps.
Strip the ends of two fine electric wires.   Open the motor case and lift the conta ...
Attach to the board the spring clip with a screw and a nut (through hole B).   Pass ...
Attach the solar cell to the board using a bolt and a winged nut (through the hole).   ...