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Solar house

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Durée (?)4h 0 min.
Coût (?)~25 CHF
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Building a solar house model helps to understand how it is possible to use the power of the Sun to save energy or even to be completely independent from the energies we normally use in our buildings.

Even if they are still rare, some buildings already use only renewable energies. These 'autonomous buildings' are built in such a way that a central heating is no longer necessary. To achieve this, they are extremely well insultated and air-tight and designed to benefit a maximum from the energy of the Sun.

This DIYs project is a simple illustration of the main principles of this type of building.

29.07.2013 : Martin
Voici quelques photographies de la réalisation des maisons solaires aux passepots-vacances de Rolle.   Source :         Lire la suite
06.07.2012 : Martin
Reflets des passeports-vacances de Morges où les enfants ont construit la maison solaire.   Source :     Lire la suite
13.07.2010 : moulin
Notre classe 6/7 de Coteau-Fleuri à Lausanne a réalisé des maisons solaires avec l'aide des kits d'Info-Energie .   Nous avons réalisé une vidéo qui démontre la faisabilité du bricolage. Celle-ci a été reprise comme illustration de l'onglet "Fonctionnement" du mode d'emploi.   ...Lire la suite




Cut the base of the House in the rigid panel and according to the diagram.
Cut four pieces from the wood slat and glue them inside the square forming the base of the hou ...
Colour the copper tube in black with a marker.   Put the mini Cork on the tube (push ...
Cut out of the rigid pannel,  the south, north and side walls as well as the roof (according t ...
Cut 6 pieces in a transparent plastic sheet and glue them on both sides of the walls to create d ...
Cut the greenhouse in a transparent plastic sheet according to the illustration.   F ...
Glue the 4 walls of the house together.
Remove the solar light parts to clear the cell of its support (varies depending on the model). ...