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Bicycle magnetic headlight

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Bulding a bicycle electricity generator helps to understand how it is possible to produce electricity from a magnet, a copper wire coil and a movement. This technique found in traditional bicycle dynamos is also used in electric power stations.

Unfortunately less bicycles are equiped with dynamos and systems powered by batteries are used instead, especially for red flashing rear lights.


This DIYs project shows a clever solution that avoids the use of batteries which contain chemical products and are quite expensive. Unlike a traditional bicycle dynamo, friction is limited as there is no direct contact with the wheel.

29.07.2013 : Martin
Témoignage d'une enfant aprentie-journaliste aux passeports vacances de Morges en 2004. Il s'agissait du premier modèle proposé qui a été encore amélioré depuis.   Source : la suite
06.07.2012 : Martin
Reflets des passeports-vacances de Morges où les enfants ont construit le phare arrière de vélo :   Source :         Lire la suite




Cut two 4cm squares in fine plastic forex or plexiglass and, using a drill, drill the centres ...
Wind the copper wire beteween the 2 squares after leaving initially about 10cm free.   ...
Isolate the coil by covering it with transparent sellotape.
Start by connecting a LED at the end of the pair of electrical connectors. Attach the block of ...
Melt the varnish covering the copper wire ends of the coil with the flame of a candle.   ...
Split a piece of hose pipe with a cutter. Surround the upper arm of the rear part of a bicycle ...
Pass a bolt through the remaining hole of the dynamo support and tighten it with a nut. ...