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  • To understand the importance of energy, it is possible to imagine oneself lost into the wild far from everything.


    In this situation, we need energy to meet our needs for food and water, heating, light, and communication (call for help).


    This survival kit contains all the elements to answer these needs.

  • 1) Food and water


    • sweets contain sugar which brings a lot of energy to our body (even if it is not very good for the teeth ...).
    • a fishing line and a hook formed with a safety pin can help you catch a fish.
    • the spoon makes it easier to eat.
    • The plastic rain coat can also be used to collect rainwater which is usually safer than from an unknown stream.
    • a folding cup makes it easier to drink the water that has been collected.

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  • 2. Heat


    A gel hand warmer can produce some heat. It works thanks to a physical reaction (change of state of a sodium acetate solution) activated by clicking a small metal disk.


    Once the hand warmer has cooled, it is possible to reactivate the reaction by immersing it for 10 minutes in a pot of boiling water until the solution has become completely liquid again. Remove the heater from the pan and wait for it to cool completely.

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  • The base of the aluminum can has been polished, which makes it possible to reflect and concentrate the sun's rays at a single point (parabola). In bright sunlight, it is possible to set fire to dry leaves or moss and start a fire.


    {#lang_bricoWikiWarnings_warning} Perform this experiment away from any element that could catch fire (dry grass, paper, etc.). Use sunglasses to protect your eyes.

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  • 3) Light


    The electricity produced by the two 1volt photovoltaic solar cells can be used to recharge a battery (between 1h and 5h of charge depending on the amount of sunlight)


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  • Once charged, the battery allows you to light up an LED bulb that can also be used as a headlamp.


    {#lang_bricoWikiWarnings_warning} Never point the LED bulb towards your eyes because as it could harm them!

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  • A dynamo can be used to generate electricity when there is no sunlight or if the battery is discharged.


    By rapidly rotating the dynamo shaft inside the aluminium can base, it is possible to produce the electricity needed to light the LED bulb. Use as a headlamp as both hands are busy. As the LED only works in one direction of current, it is necessary to test to find the right direction of rotation.

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  • A candle can also produce light. To protect it against the wind, it is possible to install it in the foldable glass that will act as a lantern.


    To light the candle it is possible to use the solar concentrator or matches (to be added to the kit).

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  • 4) Help signals


    Light or sound are forms of energy. Without energy it would not be possible to call for help.

    • The mini whistle built with the metal of the aluminum can be used to call for help.
    • By adding to the kit a card with Morse code, it is possible to transmit sound messages thanks to the whistle or light messages thanks to the LED powered by the dynamo or the battery.

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  • Other important items can be added to the survival kit: 

    • Plasters and disinfectant to heal yourself in case of injury.
    • emergency raincoat to protect against rain and to build a waterproof shelter
    • Paper and pencil to write down messages, plans, start a fire, etc.
    • String and hooks for hanging, tying, etc.
    • And any other useful items...
  • Storage 


    Small materials (plasters, fishing line, string, safety pins, etc.) can be placed in a small plastic bag.


    Sweets are stored in the folding glass box. 


    All the material should fit into a small plastic freezer container. It can be decorated with markers and emergency telephones my be written on the inside of the lid.

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04.08.2016 : Martin
Les enfants du passeport vacances de Rolles ont également réalisé des kits de survie avec un grand plasisir. source : la suite
18.12.2015 : Martin
La réalisation du kit de survie a été très appréciée par les enfants du passeport-vacances de Morges. Voici quelques photographies que l'on peut retrouver sur leur site : source : la suite