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  • Expose the photovoltaic cell on the roof of the garage to the sun. Connect the alligator clips to the two contacts of the car, respecting the polarities (colours). On the other side of the car, the brad pin should not be connected to the capacitor.

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  • Wait 5-10 minutes in direct sunlight (longer if the sun is weaker), then disconnect the alligator clips. Twist the brad pin to connect it to the capacitor. The electricity stored in the capacitor powers the motor and the car moves forward.



    Always disconnect the alligator clips when leaving the cell in the sun because as soon as it is in the shade, the capacitor discharges back into the cell. To drive as far as possible, the car should be very light and the floor flat and smooth. 


    The capacitor charges faster than a battery, but contains little energy. When all its energy has been used up, the car stops. Recharge the capacitor by reconnecting the car to the alligator clips.

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  • Here is a video of the car in operation.


    The sound of the engine has been added!


    Ideally the floor should be smoother...