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  • To generate electricity with the wind, attach a wind turbine to the alternator axis (blow or use the balloon and tube).


    To generate electricity with water, attach a water turbine to the alternator and operate it under running tap water.


    To change the turbine type, loosen/tighten the external screw of the metal connector.

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  • {#lang_bricoWikiWarnings_warning} If the LED does not light up, reverse polarities using the crocodile clips (LEDs only work 'one way').
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    To produce enough electricity to light up the LED, the turbine should turn very quickly.


    The larger the 'wheel' is, the slower it will turn. It is therefore necessary to build small turbines.

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    If you decide to install a larger turbine, a transmission system should be added to rotate the alternator faster than the 'wheel'.


    But this is more complicated to build and adds some friction losses.

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  • Here is a small video that shows the wind and the water turbines in operation.


    The wind turbine is moved by an inflatable boat foot pump and a balloon (it would also work simply by blowing on the wind turbine). The water turbine is operated by a standard faucet.

10.04.2014 : Martin
Voici quelques photos du passeport-vacances de Morges où l'activité a été réalisée avec grand succès par les animateurs Info-Energie. Source :  Lire la suite