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Video showing Stirofoam printmaking
proposé par martin
Another simplified technique of engraving uses styrofoam plates (styrofoam - fairly dense foam). Unfortunately (for this DIYs project), this material becomes very rare in Switzerland. Even McDonald is no longer serving burgers in this type of packaging.

This is the reason why we have developed this technique with corrugated cardboard and a self-adhesive plastic sheet. The only flaw compared to the styrofoam is that the ripples of corrugated cardboard makes it difficult to draw precise lines (egg box cardboard is smoother).

proposé par martin
The linocut technique is commonly used in schools. This technique is not within the reach of everyone because it requires special tools and some lino. This method is also used by professional artists to create very and impressive results.

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Discover the engraving
proposé par martin
The Department of fine arts of the (TSR - RTS) visited in 1974 the Swiss artist Pietro Sarto in St-Prex. This film shows the history of printmaking since the Renaissance as well as different techniques used.

Video of a Japanese printmaker
proposé par martin
Japanese are masters of woodblock printing (Japanese, ûkio-e prints).
For each colour, they use a different wooden board. This requires extreme precision. They add ink using a kind of round stencil to create inimitable gradients effects.